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Welcome to the Law Office of Gregory T. Annigian. Claremont Probate Administration Lawyer Greg Annigian provides experienced legal representation and counsel to clients in need of skilled Probate Administration assistance.

An attorney who possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge handling Probate Administration matters, Mr. Annigian has helped numerous clients expeditiously settle estates of all sizes over the course of 47 + years.

Contact Claremont Probate Administration Attorney Gregory T. Annigian at (909) 981-9340 to make an appointment with one of the area’s most respected Estate and Probate Law Firms. The Probate process can be lengthy and complicated, and failure to retain legal counsel can result in costly disputes arising from procedural mistakes.

Call today to learn how Gregory Annigian can help you through Probate Administration as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Probate Administration Lawyer Greg Annigian in Claremont

Probate is the legal process wherein a Probate Court Judge makes a ruling with respect to the validity of the decedent’s will prior to the executor paying any debts and taxes owed by the estate, and the distribution of assets to the named beneficiaries.  

Should a dispute arise regarding the will’s validity (typically based on improper execution, fraud, duress, or lack of testamentary capacity on the part of the decedent at the time the will was signed), it will take longer to conclude the process. If the judge invalidates the decedent’s will, a prior will can be revived and admitted into probate. If a prior will cannot be found or is not in existence, the decedent’s assets will be distributed based on statutory law, also known as intestate succession.

Due to the confusing and complex nature of Probate, it is crucial to retain an experienced Probate Administration Lawyer. Claremont Probate Administration Attorney and Estate Attorney Gregory T. Annigian has a comprehensive understanding of the rules and procedures pertaining to Probating a Will, and will work vigilantly to guide you through the entire process.

The Law Offices of Claremont Estate Lawyer Greg Annigian offers experienced legal counsel in all matters relating to Probate Administration, including assisting clients with the following:

Attorney Gregory T. Annigian offers hands-on representation from the initiation of Probate Proceedings through the completion of Probate. Probate can be wrapped up within a year if everything moves along without any complications. However, if there are any disputes regarding the validity of a will, the manner in which the Executor is distributing assets, or issues between the heirs, it may take years to settle the decedent’s estate.

A skilled negotiator and experienced litigator, Mr. Annigian will make every reasonable effort to move the process forward in a timely manner and will fight to preserve and protect the interests of his clients.

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Please contact the Law Offices of Claremont Probate Administration Lawyer Gregory T. Annigian at (909) 981-9340 to obtain answers to all of your probate administration questions and learn how we can put our experience to work for you during these difficult times.