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The Law Offices of Claremont Elder Law Attorney Gregory T. Annigian proudly fights to protect the rights of the elderly throughout the community. Lawyer Greg Annigian provides numerous services that specifically address the special needs of elderly clients, and draws upon his extensive knowledge to obtain results.

A highly compassionate attorney who possesses a comprehensive understanding of the unique issues that the elderly face, Lawyer Greg Annigian has more than 47 + years’ experience representing clients in Elder Law cases, and resolving a broad range of matters on their behalf.

Whether you or a loved one needs a skilled Elder Law Attorney, please contact the Law Offices of Gregory Annigian at (909) 981-9340 to schedule a free, personal consultation. Devoted to providing the highest level of service, all client communications will be addressed in a timely manner and you will be kept up to date regarding the status of your legal matter.

Claremont Elder Law Attorney Greg Annigian

At the Law Offices of Claremont Elder Law Lawyer Gregory T. Annigian we provide caring, intelligent legal counsel and representation to clients in a wide variety of matters, including but not limited to the following:

Elder Law Attorney Greg Annigian has the experience and knowledge to protect you or your elderly loved one, preserve your dignity, and fight aggressively to obtain justice if someone has engaged in financial or physical abuse of vulnerable adults.

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To learn more about the services offered by Claremont Elder Law Lawyer Gregory T. Annigian, or to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of the area’s leading Elder Law Attorneys, please contact us today at (909) 981-9340.

Mr. Annigian will thoroughly review your case, explain your options, and ensure that you are treated with the respect which you deserve.


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