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Claremont Wills and Trusts Attorney Greg Annigian


Welcome to the Law Offices of Claremont Wills & Trusts Lawyer Gregory T. Annigian. Mr. Annigian has been drafting wills and trusts on behalf of individuals and families for more than 40 years. A skilled attorney who possesses a thorough understanding of Estate Law, Mr. Annigian understands the difficulty that many face when determining how to distribute their assets upon death. We strive to ease the difficulty by guiding clients through the process with respect and compassion.

Lawyer Greg Annigian has extensive experience drafting enforceable, fully customized Wills & Trusts on behalf of his clients, placing an emphasis on maximizing the preservation of family assets and minimizing tax liability.

To obtain information about creating an Estate Plan best suited for your objectives, contact Claremont Wills & Trusts Attorney Greg Annigian at (909) 981-9340 to make an appointment for a comprehensive consultation with one of the area’s leading Estate Lawyers.

Will & Trust Lawyer in Claremont

Attorney Gregory Annigian possesses the knowledge and vast experience required to help his clients make intelligent, informed Estate Planning decisions. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each Estate Planning tool, and Mr. Annigian will thoroughly review all of your various options with you.

Types of Wills

A pour-over will is an Estate Planning tool that is used in conjunction with a trust. Upon the death of the testator, all property is transferred into a trust, thereby allowing the beneficiaries to avoid going through probate before the executor can distribute the estate’s assets.

A standalone will is a testamentary document that must be filed with the Court upon the death of the testator and be probated prior to any distributions.

Holographic wills are drafted by the testator, and as with a standalone will, must go through probate. Holographic wills must be written out entirely by the testator’s own hand, and must be signed by the testator.  

Specific requirements must be met for a will to be deemed valid by the Probate Court. The testator must intend to create a will, they must understand that they are executing a will, they must have the mental capacity to execute a will, and they must do so of their own volition absent duress, the exercise of undue influence, or fraud. Pour-over wills and standalone wills must be signed by both the testator and independent witnesses who attest to the fact that they personally saw the testator sign the will.

Types of Trusts

There are numerous types of trusts, and each serves a distinct purpose. Claremont Estate Lawyer Gregory Annigian has a broad understanding of the various trusts and their intended uses. Based upon your desires and objectives, he will recommend the appropriate trust or trusts to ensure that your wishes are carried out. He has helped numerous clients create the following trusts:

Wills vs. Trusts

While Wills and Trusts are both utilized to set forth how assets are transferred to heirs and beneficiaries and who will inherit specific property or sums of money, trusts have several advantages over wills. Trusts offer much more flexibility, and unlike wills, they are not a matter of public record.

Trusts do not have to be Probated – an extremely costly and lengthy process. Whereas it can take several years to complete probate and distribute assets according to the terms set forth in the will, trusts allow for the immediate transfer of assets to the stated beneficiaries.

A properly drafted trust offers numerous tax advantages, and allows for the transfer of assets during the lifetime of the testator without extensive tax liability.

Additionally, a testator can create trusts to provide for the immediate distribution of assets, or the distribution of assets over the course of a beneficiary’s lifetime if the recipient is unable to handle their finances in a responsible manner.

Trusts may also be used to bequeath money to charitable foundations, fund a beneficiary’s education, or be used to retain funds from a life insurance policy for distribution to a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries over a specific period of time or in a single lump sum.

For additional information about the various types of trusts, contact the Law Offices of Claremont Estate Attorney Greg Annigian to speak directly with a lawyer.

A highly experienced lawyer, Mr. Annigian knows that each and every client has different needs and requires different Estate Planning strategies. Dedicated to providing top quality legal services, Lawyer Gregory Annigian works with his clients to craft the perfect Estate Plan, designed to provide peace of mind that their wishes will be carried out in precisely the manner which they intend.  

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For information about our services or to schedule a consultation, call the Law Offices of Claremont Wills & Trusts Lawyer Gregory Annigian at (909) 981-9340. We will schedule an appointment for your consultation and discuss the most effective methods to ensure that your hard-earned assets are protected for future generations.